Thursday, September 3, 2009

August's Benefit Concert

Island Earth Farmers Market hosted a benefit performance at Metreon’s Action Theatre, just above the market. Curt Yagi and the People Standing Behind Me performed to a wonderfully diverse audience, illustrating the bands appeal across generations and cultures.

They opened with the title song of their first album, “What’s Come Over Me”, and from the moment the first notes rang out, it was obvious this man and his band have a true passion for their music. Curt’s effortless acoustic strumming and thoughtful lyrics can’t help but uplift the spirits, with Ben Doitel’s easy, mellow saxophone leading the way.

Curt Yagi’s music has heart & soul, so it should come as no surprise to know he was voted “Best of the Bay Singer-Songwriter of 2008”.

As well as being a genuinely nice guy, Curt is gracious and giving, so it should also be no surprise that he is the Executive Director of Real Options for City Kids (ROCK). They are a nonprofit organization that helps kids in need with activities and resources supporting healthy and constructive lifestyles.

We were proud to have Curt and the talented “People Behind Him” give us such a heartfelt performance. I suspect, they can’t help but do anything less.